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Project Imo Announces Exciting Partnership with The Farmer’s Cow for Youth Education

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Project Imo is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Farmer’s Cow the collective brand of companies. This collaboration aims to empower youth in our region with educational opportunities that will shape their futures.

Project Imo Announcement:

Project Imo and The Farmer’s Cow, comprising the Farmer’s Cow Farming Co-operative, the Farmer’s Cow LLC, the Farmer’s Cow Calfe’ & Creamery, and FC Development Corp., have joined forces to deliver powerful educational programs and learning experiences to the youth in our community.

A little perspective

  • Jason Hyland, Founder and Executive Director of Project Imo, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Our partnership with The Farmer’s Cow marks an exciting area of new opportunities for the youth of our region…”

  • Edwin Molina, CEO of the Farmer’s Cow Brand of Companies, emphasized the commitment to educational initiatives: “These partnerships form the foundation of, and stress the commitment to, our collective companies’ educational initiatives on behalf of those communities in which we’re located and serve…”

  • Dave Howes, Education Director at Project Imo, discussed the partnership’s impact on their Youth Promise Career Pathways initiative: “A powerful step in this partnership will be working with Farmer’s Cow to enhance our Youth Promise Career Pathways initiative…”

Moving FOrward

  • For more information about Project Imo, their new teen center in downtown Willimantic, or their program offerings, please email teamimo@projectimo.org.
  • To learn more about The Farmer’s Cow, please contact Steven Lane, Chief Development Officer, at lane.s@fcdevcorp.com.

This partnership with farmer’s cow for youth education represents a significant step forward in delivering innovative educational opportunities to the youth in our community. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting initiatives we will undertake together.

Fueling the Future

Join us as we cultivate a dynamic ecosystem where creativity and dedication converge, kindling enthusiasm and sustaining the passion for our future programming initiatives.

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