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Base Camp

Explore, Create, Grow: The Adventure Starts Here

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Why Base camp?

At Base camp, every visitor embarks on a unique path, empowered to forge skills and create lasting relationships that support their personal and professional growth. Providing resources and support is exactly what we strive to do for whomever enters our base camp.

  • Connect with peers
  • Access resources
  • Develop skills
  • Act as a catalyst for their future journeys

Base camp serves as a dynamic hub for youth, inspired by the traditional base camps that provided explorers with supplies, shelter, communications, and a place to connect.

Teen Center

Located at 924 Riverside Drive
in downtown Willimantic, CT.

Level up your potential

A dedicated space is set as a hub for local youth aged 14 – 18, offering an array of programs and opportunities to foster growth, leadership, and community engagement. 

Membership is free

The space is offered as a place for youth to come together and socialize with their peers in a structured, supervised environment. While also having opportunities to participate in shared experiences.

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SparkSpace: A Reimagined MakerSpace

With workstations aligned with our Youth Promise Career Pathways, SparkSpace provides a spectrum of self-guided or mentor-led activities, catering to different experience levels. 

  • Skill-building across various domains
  • Engaging in both recreational and career-oriented activities
  • Learning through hands-on, immersive experiences

At the heart of Basecamp, SparkSpace offers a vibrant, highly modular environment where creativity meets innovation.

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