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Youth Promise Career Pathways

Youth Promise Career Pathways

Empower Youth to Build Capacity, Foster Self-Confidence, and Connect with Career Opportunities

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Level Up

Your Potential

Career Development

Focus on youth developing their brightest future through individualized 21st Century Workforce skill development, personal exploration, group adventure programs.

Leadership Skills

Next-level skills for building leaders including communities of shared-interests, financial literacy training, and recreational programs.

Community Service

Individual and group service projects culminating in a large group initiative followed by an expeditionary retreat that offers a peak experience for Youth Promise participants.

Youth Promise Career Pathways Program

"not just a program, it's a commitment"

 The program is about equipping our youth with the skills needed for a promising future and fulfilling the promises we, at Project Imo, make to nurture their growth and development.

Through empowering activities and leadership opportunities, we embed community connections in all our programming, encouraging our youth to lead and give back. Our unique approach emphasizes career development and community enhancement, fostering an environment where every individual can discover their power and purpose.

Submitting this form is a preliminary inquiry and does not confirm a booking. We will assess program feasibility based on your request. Final availability, scheduling, and suitability will be confirmed by our team. Thank you for your interest; we will contact you to discuss further.

Our programs are customized to your group's unique needs. A precise quote will be provided after gathering your specific requirements. Thank you for your understanding and trust in our commitment to delivering a tailored program.

Career Pathways

We challenge youth to explore career potential in: 

Advanced manufacturing, technology, & trades

Healthcare and healthy living

Advanced agriculture and food systems

Outdoor education, recreation, and “green” jobs 

Arts & Communication 

Public service 

Core Skills

We often hear about “social-emotional learning” or “21st Century workforce skills”. At Project Imo we view these as new terms for deeply rooted human skills that people have used for countless millennia to survive and thrive.

Our programs focus on core skills that help a person successfully integrate their own vision into that of their community in respectful, committed, and socially responsible ways.

These skills are the foundation of not just a successful career, but also living in a successful community. These skills include self and social awareness, communication and storytelling, planning and reflection, work ethic and taking initiative, persistence and grit, hopefulness and vision-sharing, and so many more.

Afterschool Leadership Series

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Develop your power

Build your skills

Connect with your network

Immersive and fun afterschool leadership and career development workshop series.

Twice per month from February through May of 2024 at Project Imo’s “Basecamp” Teen Center in Willimantic, CT.

This workshop series is sponsored by NAFI CT and Project Imo.

Participants completing the series will receive a stipend of $100.00 for career and/or higher education related items that will further goals they set during the program. Successful program graduates will be able to add a strong line to their resumes and college applications.

A General Outline of a Youth Promise Experience

We can shape each experience to the specific group for the Youth Promise Initiative


Who am I?
Who are we?


“Who am I?”- Exploring our skills, talents, personal visions for a bright future.

Leadership Communities “Who are we?”- Exploring fun ways to connect, building a group, learning about leadership, organizations, finance, and recreation.


How do I see myself in the world?


“How do I see myself in the world?”- Continuing to explore personal goals and selecting a Career Pathway, personal service goals, and Learning Communities “LCs”.


Adventurous Experiences


Adventurous experiences- Outdoor program, beginning to think about service, First Aid /CPR certification, & LCs


Focus on career exploration


Focus on career exploration through AI & virtual reality, practical skill development, and interactive programs and LCs.


Continued pathway exploration


Continued pathway exploration and adventurous programs, planning for an April service program, & LCs.


Adventurous service program


Adventurous service program, begin searching for potential summer jobs, and LCs. Outdoor skills training with Imo to prepare for summer retreat.


Summer intensives


Summer intensives program group planning begins, Leadership Communities begin reflections, practice interviews, and strategic summer job planning.


Planning for summer


Planning for summer Service Corps project, job applications, adventurous teambuilding days.


Summer Intensive


Summer intensive (2 days/ week) of service corps, LCs, and large career pathway field experiences and trips. Culminating in August leadership retreat and expedition.

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