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Creative Worlds

Creative Worlds

Educational Story Building Combining Nature, Science, Community, & Magic

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Immersive Educational Adventures

Nature. Science. Community. Magic.  Fantastic worlds. High Adventure. Daring-do!

Using the world’s most famous tabletop role playing game,  we will explore The Skies of Seorsus, a world of magic, science, and cooperative adventure. Seorsus is surrounded by magical sky islands, traversed by sky ships powered by steam, creatures, or the arcane weavings of sorcerous helmspeople! 

Learners will be introduced to the basic concepts of role playing and the specific nature of Dungeons & Dragons among other various mechanisms to drive story. They’ll explore the concepts of our special, learning world. They’ll each select an explorer character who receives a contract from a sponsoring Seorsan organization to map floating sky-islands and venture into the depths of the wild! 

Roleplaying games are an excellent avenue to explore social-emotional outcomes. Leadership and followership, planning and cooperation, communication and creativity. Our facilitators will use our innovative learning tools to help connect youth to nature learning as we not only play, but build the world of Seorsus. They’ll each craft their own flying island (because… magic and science) with solid scientific principles in mind splashed with a touch of the dramatic. This, alongside adventurous, cooperative story building will make for an unforgettable learning journey

The Sky Isles of Seorsus
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External 3D & Print Resources

While you don’t need miniatures to play any tabletop role playing game, “minis” give people the chance to visualize their fantastic worlds, engage in creative artistic expression through the model and painting hobby, and even integrating STEAM outcomes as they navigate 3D printing.

These amazing artists have allowed Project Imo to use their minis in our public programs for charity. You can stop by their stores for a selection of miniatures, some of which are directly compatible with our program world, Seorsus. 

A note on external content and artistic vision. Project Imo does not vet the content of these stores but rather finds figures representative of the species and adventures in our world. Artists in the tabletop space are free to create their visions, some of which may be developmentally beyond your given program age group. 

Yasashii Kyojin Studio offers a tremendous variety of free and premium STL files

So many of these amazing figures are a perfect fit for Creative Worlds. The Owlin and Kenku are amazing Zephyrkyn (we have a few on the paint table at any given moment).

Lord of the Print's Vision is amazing, stop by their store at MyMiniFactory

Do you love dinosaur adventures? We love dinosaur adventures. Who doesn’t love dinosaur adventures? Whether it’s amazing dino caravans, flying sharks, or insect cavalry, Lord of the Print’s vision is amazing.

Yasashii Kyojin Studio
Lord of the Print

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