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Youth & School Programs

Intentional Adventure Based Learning through exploration and empowerment


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Transform ordinary days into extraordinary experiences with our Day Programs. Empowering youth through education and adventure.

Multi-Day Programs

Embark on unforgettable journeys of exploration and teamwork with our Multi-Day Programs. Forge lasting memories while nurturing critical skills.

Educational Storytelling Programs​

Experience the magic of learning through captivating narratives with our Educational Storytelling Programs. Inspire young minds through the power of stories.
Day Programs

Project Imo staff embed a combination of skills, play, and leadership development in EVERY program


Adventure-on-the-Go SEL Programs

In these portable adventurous workshops, our expert facilitators will work with you to identify select outcomes for your day-long experience. From there, we’ll build a selection of adventurous activities that engage every aspect of your crew in a journey of self, other, and community potential.

These programs are the perfect day of exploring social-emotional learning opportunities. We will work with your staff to identify specific learning outcomes that align with various established SEL skills outcomes such as interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, group cooperation, leadership and followership, and more.

These events can be held an accessible location near you to host the program or we can even bring the program right to your program space or school. These programs can be conducted inside or outside.


School & Group Field Trips

Do you already have an idea for an outdoor experience for your class, youth group, or homeschool pod but aren’t sure how to make that happen?

Would you love to include some field research into your science curriculum but don’t have the essential gear or outdoor program training?

Project Imo can help you provide that immersive experience with our team of highly trained and experienced guides and our capacity for outdoor programming.

No backpacks for your youth? No problem.

Is your organization hesitant to run their own program from a risk management perspective? Our program staff at all levels have training in managing the outdoor environment in a safe and engaging way.

Unsure of your own skills in nature? We’ve got that covered and would also help you build capacity.

These are just a few examples of how our team can help yours.

We also are dedicated to supporting the development of extensive funding avenues to make your program happen.

Let’s plan amazing things together!


eko-STEAM Natural Learning Journeys

Opportunity knocks in nature. The neuroscience behind our brains’ inclination to greenspaces is well developed. It is where we learn best.

Team Imo will learn about your group and connect your mission to an immersive experience in nature. Activities such include hiking, ancestral skills, “escape rooms” are the framework for the day. We will also explore shared group values as we help connect the youth to themselves, each other, and the natural place their community calls home. Embedded in each of these programs are conservation outcomes designed to help them connect to a sense of stewardship for the natural world.

Adventure, learning, group full value commitments, trailside challenges, and guided reflection are on the trail signs here.

Exploration Stations Nature Immersion Days

Inquisitive minds want to explore and so many desired youth outcomes connect with experiences with nature. Social growth, skills development, scientific exploration… these are just a few.

Large groups and small alike will enjoy a variety of engaging learning experiences on our Exploration Stations Days. These programs integrate concepts from our Adventure-on-the-Go activities into a NGSS oriented learning experience with conservation outcomes. Project Imo staff will work with you to create an immersive experience including short stations of nature education, teambuilding, hiking, ancestral and primitive skills, STEAM learning, and more.


Project Learning Tree Programs

Project Learning Tree is one of the most widely used preK-12 environmental education programs in the United States and abroad. As a partner facilitator, Project Imo is thrilled to offer these programs and can provide them as stand-alone experiences or weave the concepts into your other Project Imo programs. We can also help you empower your school in the PLT Greenschools program. Learn more about PLT at

These immersive, activity-based experiences help young people learn “how to think” not “what to think” as they increase their understanding of the environment and the actions they can take to conserve it. We will use this framework to:

  • Provide students with the awareness, appreciation, understanding, skills, and commitment to address environmental issues.
  • Teach students to apply scientific processes and higher order thinking skills to resolve environmental problems.
  • Promote an appreciation and tolerance of diverse viewpoints on environmental issues, with attitudes and actions based on analysis and evaluation of the available information.
  • Encourage creativity, originality, and flexibility to resolve environmental problems and issues.
  • Inspire and empower students to become responsible, productive, and participatory members of society.

Start a Day Program Conservation

Reach out to us.

Each of our programs is framed around these core frameworks but each is highly customizable. Our team will work with you to identify specific outcomes for each day and ensure our program connects back to yours.

We value partnerships and will happily work with you to build your team’s internal capacity for adventurous learning along the way.

Multi-Day Programs

eko-STEAM Camping Villages & Leadership Retreats

Adventure-on-the-Go, Exploration Stations, Natural Learning Journeys… all of these are amazing programs. Would you like to know what makes them more amazing? Well, we are glad you asked. The answer… an overnight camping experience surrounded by these great adventures! 

We will start the experience with building community through shared experiences and then we will build the community through… well… building the actual community. Your group will set camp, prepare meals, work together, lead and follow, and create shared values that transform group into community. 

These experiences create a strong sense of group identity that will carry on well past the program environment.


eko-STEAM Natural Learning Expeditions

These natural learning journeys go beyond a day experience and into an expeditionary environment. Designed for an immersive small group experience into the backcountry, these programs are the ultimate in youth engagement.

Your programs will be challenged as they spend days hiking, camping, cooking, sharing group responsibilities, and working together to build their best selves. These programs run from 2-5 days and each one is customized for the group’s desired outcomes, the abilities of the group for physical programming of this nature, and a variety of environmental conditions.

These are the experiences they will never forget.

Included Professional Development

As part of our commitment to helping your group or school build internal capacity, our multiday programs include professional development training for your team.

Your team accompanying the group on your adventure will receive an Adventure Facilitation Foundations for School & Afterschool Educators workshop included in the price of the weekend and tailored for your program outcomes.

Seriously. Included. We do not increase our custom program quotes to include this. We believe in partnerships to build capacity; it is part of our charitable mission.

Educational Storytelling Programs​

Creative Worlds Adventurous Storytelling

Nature. Science. Community. Magic.

Fantastic worlds. High Adventure. Daring-do!

Using the world’s most famous tabletop role playing game, we will explore The Skies of Seorsus, a world of magic, science, and cooperative adventure. Seorsus is surrounded by magical sky islands, traversed by sky ships powered by steam, creatures, or the arcane weavings of sorcerous helmspeople!

Learners will be introduced to the basic concepts of role playing and the specific nature of Dungeons & Dragons. They’ll explore the concepts of our special, learning world. They’ll each select an explorer character who receives a contract from a sponsoring Seorsan organization to map floating sky-islands and venture into the depths of the wild!

Roleplaying games are an excellent avenue to explore social-emotional outcomes. Leadership and followership, planning and cooperation, communication and creativity. Our facilitators will use our innovative learning tools to help connect youth to nature learning as we not only play, but build the world of Seorsus. They’ll each craft their own flying island (because… magic and science) with solid scientific principles in mind splashed with a touch of the dramatic. This, alongside adventurous, cooperative story building will make for an unforgettable learning journey.

This program can be offered virtually, in the class or program room, on a hike , or even as part of a Camping Village or Leadership Retreat weekend. Start exploring the limitless possibilities now!


Youth Voices Educational Podcast Cooperative

Storytelling is one of our most ancient and prolific pastimes. To be a storyteller is to inspire, educate, pass on culture, and change the course of history. Youth have stories to tell. Our Village Voices podcast provides creative, educational space. Help youth find their voices and share their stories through podcasts co-produced with the team at Project Imo.

We will work alongside your staff and your youth from concept to release:

Curriculum integration

Concepts & framing

Research & storytelling

Interviewing experts & editing audio

You can help them share their story. Your group will receive access to technology for the duration of our program, finished and editable copies of the audio files and accompanying graphics.

Their story can even be published as an episode of Village Voices and streamed on all of our current platforms.

Start a Storytelling Program Conversation

Each of our programs is built around these core frameworks but each is highly customizable. Our team will work with you to identify specific outcomes for each day and ensure our program connects back to yours.

Our Educational Podcast Cooperative is a custom, flat-rate dependent upon the program design and includes access to essential technology for the duration of the program period. Our Creative Worlds standalone programs operate on a per participant/ per hour model for day programs or can be included in your weekend event at no extra charge as part of the journey

The Project Imo Youth and School Program Team

Adventurous & Professional- It's who we are.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of program delivery. Our team is a dedicated group of multidisciplinary professionals with years of experience in adventure leadership, classrooms, nature education, front and backcountry emergency response, risk management, and more. We know adventure can blend with safety effectively to create a powerful learning experience.

Our program staff have training in adventure facilitation, various educational methodologies, first aid & CPR, adventure risk management, program planning, child protection frameworks, trauma-informed adventure practices, and more.

We will also help you communicate your adventure to the parents and guardians of the youth in your programs. Custom, bi-lingual communications can be drafted for each program so your parents and stakeholders know the details of your planned experience.

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