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Base Camp

Teen Center

A Space for Youth to Connect and Engage in Adventure

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Project Imo - Teen Center

Located at 924 Riverside Drive
in downtown Willimantic, CT.

Level up your potential

A dedicated space is set as a hub for local youth aged 14 – 18, offering an array of programs and opportunities to foster growth, leadership, and community engagement. 

Membership is free

The space is offered as a place for youth to come together and socialize with their peers in a structured, supervised environment. While also having opportunities to participate in shared experiences.

Scheduled Events/Activities:

  • Game Nights – Board, Card, and Lawn games
  • Afterschool Leadership Programs
  • Virtual Reality or Tabletop Adventures
  • SparkSpace
  • More to come!
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What You Need to Know

  • Membership is free and requires forms to be completed (download below)
  • “Open Youth Hours” are accessible to people aged 14 – 18 (or those actively enrolled in high school)
  • Hours will be limited to specific timeframes unless otherwise stated for events
  • Occasional Family programs will allow other youth with Parents in Attendance 
Base Camp Teen Center Open Space
Entrance to Teen Center

Our forms purpose is to ensure parental permission and communication so staff can keep parents updated and youth safe and for everybody to understand the rules and policies.

Make sure to thoroughly review these and ask for any clairifcation if necessary from one of our team members.

  • Open-door policy
  • Entering and Exiting Teen Center
  • Membership and Fees (free)
  • Prohibited behaviors
  • Discipline policy
  • Equity and Inclusion policy

We hope you can join us in the near future to enjoay a snack, play some games, maybe do some crafts, and connect with peers. 

Project Imo Basecamp Teen Center in Willmantic is officially excited to welcome new people to the space! 

If you have any questions at any time, reach out on here or email directly at TeamImo@projectimo.org.

You can also call during any normal operating hours at (860)-362-005.

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